For any organization with more than just a few computers, protecting electronic information is essential for normal business operations and for planned growth. Software and hardware products that address the Information Security needs of protecting Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability thus become imperative.
MIEL has years of proven expertise in multi-product implementation and assisted several blue chip organizations with smooth implementation. We are product-agnostic, and approach each case from the point of view of the business requirements for information security / availability. This ensures that our clients get a proper fit of products implemented for the desired security level. We represent the leading product vendors and have built a large pool of skilled resources with the knowledge, skills, expertise, and certification for effective security and availability solutions.
We also offer HELIOSTM an Endpoint Security Diagnostic Product, designed and developed by MIEL-Labs, our Research unit. This product helps identify the actual level of endpoint security implementation against stated or desired organizational information security policies or standards. It provides an independent third-party view of the status of individual endpoints, and complements the automatic update-push technologies implemented by various individual products. For example, on the endpoints, Microsoft Windows Operating System could be configured to be updated automatically; anti-virus could be similarly configured, and so on. Helios independently highlights how many of the endpoints have NOT got their OS patches or anti-virus signature databases so updated. HELIOSTM runs about 200 such checks off-the-shelf, and can be quickly configured to address more of checks. HELIOSTM scans hundreds of endpoints within the network in negligible time, takes up negligible resources, and most importantly, runs on agent-less technology, needing no client software to be installed in the endpoints to be diagnosed.
These can be categorized broadly into
  Security Solutions
  Availability / Storage Solutions
It is also essential that due care is given to the appropriate implementation of these products based on the specific needs of any organization. Without the expertise in proper design and implementation, merely a false sense of security gets created without there being effective security


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