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Identity Management Platform and SSO provides access, and user management services for every cloud, web, and VPN resource. This unique approach ensures that any organization can easily adhere to security and compliance regulations with a single solution that is configurable to meet your specific security requirements

• Increased Security
   - User identities and access controls are Securely stored within your protected enterprise
   - Enables any organization to secure access to
   - Every cloud, web, and VPN resource in a single solution

• Secure, Simple, End-user Access
   - An intuitive, familiar user experience instills confidence and speeds adoption.
   - No tokens to carry, manage, or lose.

• Automatic Infrastructure Integration On and/or Off-Premise
   - Automatically translates different identities for cloud and local applications.
   - Delivers a transparent user experience with secure SSO between applications.
   - Leverages user identity and role information without any data migration or synchronization for multiple applications or       resources.

• Some of the user friendly Identity Management features :
   - Authorized Administrators manage user’s accounts
   - Users can Securely Manager their own entities
   - Users can manage/reset their own password
   - Users can conduct a secure SSO sign-in

• SSO services details
   - Desktop to on-premise web applications and/or cloud-based applications
   - On-premise web applications to cloud-based Applications- Mobile platforms to on-premise web applications and/or       cloud- based applications


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