The twenty-first century is the age of information. The Internet enables us to share and access information instantaneously, and has shrunk the worldinto aflat, borderless global village. Information is indeed power.

However, on the flip side, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that if you are logged on, you are vulnerable to a host of malevolent attacks. Terms like hacking, phishing, and identity theft—unheard of just a few years agohave now become a part of the everyday vocabulary. With cyber crimes becoming increasingly frequent and dangerous by the day, building defenses is now de rigueur. Implementing robust information security (infosec) best practices that span people, processes and technology is the need of the day.

MIEL, a pioneer in information security services, excels in providing 360⁰ solutions that help its customers combat threats to infosec. Over the past decade, MIEL has helped over 1,500 blue-chip companies across 15 countries fortify their organizations.

With studies showing that people are often the weakest link in the infosec chain, MIEL has made infosec education a focus area. MIEL has the distinction of educating over 12,000 individuals across 1,200 institutions on information security; no mean feat by any standards.

In addition, infosec is an evolving domain, and there is a significant gap between the demand for and supply of highly qualified infosec professionals. MIEL has leveraged its considerable expertise to launch world-class infosec education programs through MIEL Academy.

MIEL Academy seeks to create employment-ready professionals through its various programs such as:

  • PRISM, a one-year program in information security management.
  • ISTI, a series of well-established short-term certification programs on a variety of infosec subjects.

The programs use a judicious mix of theory and practical to ensure holistic learning, and have been well-received.

Come! Be a part of the force that defends the world against infosec crimes.


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